Last man on the Moon left his Hasselblad camera behind

Last man on Moon leaves his camera behind

Fancy a 40-year-old Hasselblad? It’s taken some cracking pictures that are, literally, out of this world. Might be a little dusty by now. Buyer collects!
Top left: a chest-mounted Hasselblad pictured during training for the Apollo 17 Moon landing.
Bottom left: Commander Eugene A. Cernan on Apollo 17.
Main picture: Portrait by Cernan of fellow crew member Harrison Hagan “Jack” Schmitt on the Moon. Note the camera on his chest-mounted Remote Control Unit (RCU).

The last man on the Moon, Apollo 17 commander Eugene A. Cernan, left his Hasselblad camera behind 40 years ago in December 1972 – without taking a picture of his last footstep… see the story at CAMERA GAZETTE