Thursday, March 21, 2013

pic a day 2013 - 080 - Peter Greenhalgh

080: March 21
Raw power

080: Thursday, March 21, 2013 – Raw power: This Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ is from 1984. The keyboard with all its codes like COS, TAN, CHR$, PEEK, etc is quite daunting.

It had 48 kB of memory, loaded programs from cassette tape, plugged into a TV and retailed for a whopping £179.95 (today that’s up to £630 using average earnings!)

This picture, on the web, takes up about 160 KB of storage and 100,000 of them would fit on the 16 GB memory card for my camera.

You would need THREE Spectrums linked together to store it in memory.

But, hey, that’s far more raw power than the Apollo astronauts had… you would need 80 of the computers that guided them to the Moon.

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